FG-200D Left-Handed Model

FG-200D Left-Handed Model

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FG-200D Electric Guitar with Built-in Chords & Scales - Sunburst - Left Handed

The FG-200D Electric is a throw back to the original Fretlight 200 Guitar with a built-in Chord & Scale generator.  The interface has been upgraded, the old dials replaced with a digital module that includes an LCD Display and micro switches for selection of your favorite Notes, Chords and Scales.  Players can display fingering positions for selected Notes, Chords or Scales right on the neck of the Fretlight Guitar. Fully self-contained, no need for connection to a Computer or Mobile Device.

The FG-200D Electric has a classic look, sleek contours, and rocks with the best of them! The robust pickup selection gives you a palette of tones to choose from while the Strat-style alder body gives this guitar a classic look. The two-way truss rod ensures that no matter what the environmental conditions, the neck remains straight and true.

(NOTE: This Fretlight Guitar Model has an internal control module and has no Bluetooth capability. It is not compatible with the Guitar Tunes APP or Guitar Pro 7 software.)

Tech Specs



  • Maple neck
  • Two way truss-rod
  • Alder body
  • 21 frets
  • fixed bridge, fully adjustable saddles
  • chrome hardware
  • closed back tuners
  • 25.5" scale length
  • 12" neck radius

In The Box


Includes a micro-USB charger with wall adapter, Allen wrench for the two-way truss rod, and System Operation Guide.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The Fretlight Wireless guitar utilizes Bluetooth BLE technology. Your mobile device or computer must have Bluetooth BLE, commonly referred to as Bluetooth 4.0, to connect to a Fretlight Wireless guitar. Transmission range will vary, 10-15 feet is best, up to 50 feet is common. 

The Fretlight is not compatible with the Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro.