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At Optek Music Systems, Inc., we are committed to ensuring your privacy as a customer. As a visitor to, our user of our apps GuitarTunes™, Fretlight Chords & Scales and Fretlight Video Player and web site automatically recognizes your internet service provider. Our appsGuitarTunes™, Fretlight Chords & Scales and Fretlight Video Player contain no advertising and collect no user data. For customers who make a purchase at or thru our apps, Guitar Tunes™, Fretlight Chords & Scales and Fretlight Video Player, we collect email addresses, information on what pages are accessed, features used and volunteered information - such as, survey and registration information. It is recommended by Optek Music Systems, Inc. that children under the age of 18 not fill out any personal information on ours, or any site, without first receiving the approval of a parent or legal guardian.

We use this information to improve features, plan for improvements and enhance your overall shopping experience at and within our apps Guitar Tunes™, Fretlight Chords & Scales and Fretlight Video Player. And in an effort to offer you the best - and most current - shopping opportunities, we may contact you with news about Optek products, services, and events. Optek Music Systems, Inc. does not sell or exchange the email names of our online customers with third parties. If, for any reason, you would like to be taken off our email list, please contact us at:

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