A Learning System for All Levels

The Fretlight Concept

Regardless of your skill level, current methods of learning to play the guitar force the player to look back-and-forth from charts, books or video to identify fingering positions on the neck.

The Fretlight eliminates this step by placing the information where you need it most, right under your fingers! The result is significantly faster learning and better retention. And since the learning experience so much more enjoyable, you’ll keep going, making your guitar playing dreams a reality.

Instant Player Benefits

Beginner Players

  • No back and forth struggle from book or chart
  • Keeps interest level high while quickly developing fingering skills

Intermediate and Advanced Players

  • Instantly audition unknown scales and start playing them
  • Break through playing plateaus to the next level quicker
  • Visualize chord and scale shapes faster on the neck
  • Quicker memorization due to visualization

And the Winner is....You!

The results of using the Fretlight System are pretty cool. You utilize your time more efficiently. What is your time worth? Memorization happens naturally and much faster becuse you're seeing the patterns on the neck, in the correct place, the first time.

And the biggest benefit of all is that your fun level increases dramatically. Being able to make progress quickly, play a scale you don't know, nail that riff within minutes, or even play that difficult rhythm part is really rewarding when you get it instantly.

There's no doubt that the Fretlight System is the most advanced
and efficient way to learn and get better at guitar. Period.