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The Perfect Guitar Learning System

Learning to play guitar hasn't changed in 75 years. Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that made learning easier, faster, and way more fun? The Fretlight Guitar has an LED learning system built into the neck of a real guitar. No more back-and-forth from charts, books or video. Fretlight puts the information where you need it most – right under your fingers!

The Fretlight Concept

Regardless of your skill level, current methods of learning to play the guitar force the player to look back-and-forth from charts, books or video to identify fingering positions on the neck. The Fretlight eliminates this step by placing the information where you need it most, right under your fingers! The result is significantly faster learning and better retention. And since the learning experience so much more enjoyable, you’ll keep going, making your guitar playing dreams a reality. The Fretlight Software can display chords and scales, blink root notes, show different positions and inversions of chords and scales, play tab files to show songs and riffs and even light up whatever the teacher plays in our interactive videos.

The Technology
The Fretlight contains a cleverly hidden circuit board in the neck of a real guitar. Just connect the Fretlight to a PC, Mac, or mobile device, launch an app or the GP7 software and away you go. No matter what you decide to work on, you can slow down and “loop” any section of a song or tab file to learn at a pace that is comfortable and fun for you. Best of all, you’re playing a real guitar. We've been making and selling Fretlight guitars for nearly 30 years and have helped countless guitars players achieve their dreams. Every Fretlight guitar has a two-way truss rod and can be adjusted to fit a players style or string gauge. Fretlight is a real guitar, but it also has a cool hidden learning system to keep you learning new things for years to come.


The Science
The benefit for beginners to advanced players, and even teachers, has been echoed from thousands of Fretlight owners over the years and is now backed by science. Research regarding the benefits of the Fretlight Learning System has been conducted by Wichita State University and Central Florida University is now conclusive. In the May 27, 2014 edition of Frontiers in Psychology, a peer review panel representing academic institutions in the U. S., U. K. and Belgium analyzed the methodologies and results of several case studies using Fretlight Guitars. The research paper supports the finding that the Fretlight Learning System enables cognitive brain processes that dramatically surpass traditional methods of learning.

The Benefits
“By ‘offloading’ information directly onto the guitar, the Fretlight system lessens barriers to learning by reducing the cognitive transfer between diagram and instrument, i. e. less back and forth means faster learning,” said Dr. Joseph Keebler, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of TRACE Lab at Wichita State. The Bottom Line: Faster learning and better retention with Fretlight, period. And not surprisingly, the long-term studies also found that after using a Fretlight guitar for several months, players reported that learning and playing guitar was so much more enjoyable that they wanted to keep playing and learning new things. Considering guitar industry statistics show that 80% of first-time players quit within the first 90 days, give yourself or your child the best possible chance to succeed. Learn to play with Fretlight!


Choosing the Right Guitar
Fretlight offers a variety of guitars to suit every style and budget. It’s important to remember that every Fretlight guitar has the same great playing, great feeling neck. After that, it’s really personal preference for color, body style and pickup configuration. We offer acoustic/electric and electric models to choose from. Whether you're a complete beginner looking to strum your first chords or seasoned vet looking to audition some new scales, there's something for everyone.