Guitar Tunes - Using Chords and Scales

Static and Dynamic Use

There's two ways to use chords and scales in the Guitar Tunes app. Statically - simply choose a chord or scale pattern from the Library and see it light-up on your Fretlight Guitar. Or, dynamically - using the Jam Along songs and use the suggested scales in context with music. You also get the chords in the progression as well as the chord tones. Many players don't realize the chord tones are "legal" notes that can be played to resolve solo's and fills in a song!

The Chord and Scale Library

The free Chord and Scale library inside the Guitar Tunes app gives you access to over 5,000 chord and scale patterns. You can choose to see a scale or chord tone pattern across the entire neck of your Fretlight guitar or the individual box patterns. You can also choose to blink the root notes for easy identification while you're practicing. Use the iRig Bluetooth footswitch to switch forms on the fly. Seeing the patterns for both chords and scales is invaluable to ultimately memorizing them.

Jam Along Songs - The Secret to Improvising

There's a more exciting way to practice using chords and scales in Guitar Tunes - It's called Jam Alongs. Jam Alongs are progressions where the band plays and you're the lead guitarist. Use the suggested scales and chord tones to craft inspiring solos and fills. There's also the chords to the progression so you can work on your rhythm as well. There's over 20 different Jam Alongs available in Guitar Tunes.

(Play the video to get an idea of what you can do!)