Re-Introducing the Fretlight 200 Series Guitar

The Fretlight Guitar is the Best Tool to Improve Your Playing.

"Nothing will teach you more about how to actually play guitar than the Fretlight. There is no better learning tool."

Griffin N., Reston VA
Verified Buyer

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What Can you Do With a Fretlight Guitar?

Learn Chords and Scales

The Guitar Tunes app has a free chord and scale library with over 5,000 chord and scale patterns to choose from - in any key. Light-up the entire fretboard or just one of the many box patterns along the neck. Or use one of the Jam Along songs in Guitar Tunes to improvise using any scale or play along with the rhythm using the chord tones for the song.

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Play FREE Tablature

Whether its Guitar Pro 7.5 software for your PC/Mac, or the Guitar Pro Mobile app for iPhone/iPad, you can download thousands of free tabs/songs from the web and watch them light up on your Fretlight. Loop any section, slow it down, change keys or change to a custom tuning, and more! Guitar Pro 7.5 even has a full chord and scale library so you can even show a scale and improvise!

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Take an Interactive Video Guitar Lesson

Our Guitar Tunes app lets you download over 100 interactive videos that light-up the Fretlight as the teacher in the video is playing. Whether it be lessons or Artist videos or Lick videos, we have it all so you can keep learning quickly and efficiently. You can loop an section or exercise and slow it down to learn it at your pace.

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Fretlight Electric Guitar

The Fretlight FG-671 Classic

The Fretlight FG-671 Classic is an amazing guitar on its own, add the Fretlight Learning System and it's just amazing. A gorgeous Swamp Ash semi-hollow body and a hard-tail bridge make one serious guitar.

The Fretlight System with two-way truss rod and complex polymer fingerboard add the prefect touch to this insane T-Caster axe. Clearly a silent scale killer like never before.

Fretlight Features that give you an Edge

The Katana Fretlight Leveling System

We give every customer the option at the time of purchase to have their Fretlight guitar fret-leveled using the Katana Fret-Level system. We want your guitar playing great right out of box.

This system offers the highest precision available because it creates the exact progressive curve created by the string tension when sanding the frets. Fret leveling with the strings on and tuned to tension with the correct neck relief allows a fret level with best accuracy while removing the minimum amount of fret material.

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PC, Mac, and Mobile. Your choice.

The Fretlight Wireless guitar connects to virtually any device. Whether you're in your home and want to work on a laptop, or on the road working with your tablet or at the beach with your phone, you can keep playing and never miss a beat.

The Fretlight system utilizes a long-life recharable Lithium-ion battery which is neatly tucked inside the body of the guitar. So whether you're sitting, standing, in a studio, or jamming at a friends house, you've got the freedom to have the Fretlight system under your fingers any time.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth has become synonymous with freedom of movement. Whether your pairing a Bluetooth headset to your phone or the Fretlight to your tablet or computer, it just as simple. Enjoy the freedom to play anywhere.

The Fretlight Wireless guitar utilizes Bluetooth BLE technology. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy which is now common on most all devices made after 2014. Your mobile device or computer must have Bluetooth BLE, commonly referred to as Bluetooth 4.0, to connect to a Fretlight Wireless guitar

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Fretlight Acoustic Guitar

The Fretlight FG-629 Acoustic/Electric

The Fretlight FG-629 Acoustic/Electric is a guitar players dream. Built-in digital tuner, bridge saddle pickup and EQ system for plugging into a PA or amp.

A spruce top highlights the full-size concert style body with light walnut back and sides. Abalone inlay decorates the sound hole while the top edge is finished with an ornamental cream colored binding. The gloss finish on the front, sides, back and neck gives this Acoustic/Electric an elegant look to match an exquisite sound. The two-way truss rod ensures that no matter what the environmental conditions, the neck remains straight and true.


"I've already seen improvement. It's much cleaner and faster to learn when the entire scale lights up and you can just focus on truly won't be disappointed."

Gary W., Verified Buyer 09/07/2018

I am impressed with the guitar. The Katana Fret-Level is the real deal. The guitar plays great. I lit up a scale i had never played and man, i killed it! It woudl have taken me weeks or months to learn it. What a great product and learning system.

Steve L., Verified Buyer 10/17/2018

Soooo....easy to use...easy to see...wireless for most things I simply do not like...HOWEVER, this changes everything...Fretlight has offered up an amazing toolbox full of the coolest tools ever...looping...tempo changes...different tunings...somebody's gonna have to check on me next month to make sure I remember to eat....I may only leave the house when there's somewhere else to play

Kevin C., Verified Buyer 11/3/2018

Stop looking back and forth! Their right. I'm completely over the top of my expectations...the guitar is hands down worth double the price....Katana fret level is an absolute game changer...DON'T WAIT FOLKS.

Brian J. Verified Buyer, 11/1/2018

 I've been a musician for decades. Someone please tell me why a guitarist wouldn't want tabs playing solos, riffs, arpeggio's, scales, modes, and chords playing right on the neck of their guitar? This is an unbelievable tool...

Jim D., Verified Buyer

The Fretlight Guitar and Guitar Pro 7.5

Now you can connect your Fretlight wireless guitar to your PC or Mac via Bluetooth and see tablature light up on the Fretlight's fingerboard. Browse and download the thousands of free tabs on the Ultimate Guitar website. Open the tab in GP7.5 and watch as the tab plays and your Fretlight shows you exactly where to play. Slow it down, loop it, change to a custom tuning and much more!

The concept is simple. Instead of looking back and forth from diagram to the guitar, just look down at the diagrams right on the neck. The result is that you learn faster, have more fun, and memorize quicker.


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