The Fretlight Guitar Store

My Account was so easy to play my first riff with Fretlight!

- Lights in the fretboard make it easy to follow where to put your fingers.
- The Guitar Tunes™ mobile app easily connects to the Fretlight via Bluetooth®.
- Play your favorite song and slow down the music to pace that's right for you.
- Learning guitar doesn't have to take weeks or months anymore - start playing right away!

"No more trying to read chords and figuring out where to put my fingers on the frets, that step has been eliminated!" Jeff R. | New York

...Fretlight helped me maximize the limited time I have.

- Fretlight gives you the benefit of easily seeing the notes right on the fretboard - no more looking back and forth!
- See scale patterns individually or across the fretboard.

"JAMBar™ in the Guitar Tunes app helped me to explore new possibilities instantly! The best part is seeing everything I need right under my fingertips." Dave H. | Wyoming

...Fretlight opened my eyes to new scales I never thought I could play!

- Audition scales instantly over a progression - no more memorizing in a vacuum!
- Experiment with confidence and stop getting frustrated! See the scale right on the fretboard.
- Using a Fretlight Guitar is the quickest way to try and learn new things.

"No more trying to read chords and figuring out where to put the on the frets, that step has been eliminated." Jeff R. | New York

Powered by Guitar Tunes™

The free Guitar Tunes™ app powers your Fretlight experience. Available for both Apple iOS and Android. Listen to original artist recordings and watch real-time fingering positions for every guitar part display on the Fretlight guitar. In addition, you’ll find a complete library of Hal Leonard Artist videos, lesson videos for every level, and Jam Along videos for improvising.

Features include:
• Tempo Control
• Custom Loops
• JAMBar™
• Multiple Guitar Parts/Fretboards
• SMARTuner™
• …and more!

Real Songs. Powerful Tools. More Content. All on your Fretlight Guitar.


Learn and play with the original artist recording – no midi, no sounds-like, just real songs displaying on your Fretlight Guitar.


Want more than just a song? Artist videos, lick videos and a complete library of lesson videos for every level, from beginner to advanced!

Jam Alongs™

Learning to improvise or working on a progression? Scales and Chord Tones display over great backing tracks to advance your soloing skills.

Chords & Scales

Complete with over 5,000 chord and scale patterns. Display over the entire Fretboard or just a box pattern. Even blinking root notes.