Introducing The Fretlight Classroom

A Revolutionary Way To Teach Guitar!


An extraordinary new way to use the patented Fretlight Learning System to teach an entire classroom of students to play guitar.
Fretlight Classroom can connect up to 30 Fretlight Guitars and simultaneously display an Instructors lesson in real-time.
Fretlight Classroom is a Bluetooth hub between a PC, Mac or Mobile device running Guitar Tunes or Guitar Pro software and up to 30 Fretlight Guitars.  







Up to 30 Fretlight Guitars connect through the Fretlight Classroom to a single software session simultaneously allowing Instructors to teach a single student or an entire classroom. All Fretlight Guitars connected to the Fretlight Classroom display the same information, simultaneously, in real-time.






Music Instruction Faster Than Ever Before



 Compatible Fretlight Wireless Guitars are able to play in "Classroom" mode
or switched to "Single User" mode. Upgrade packages are available
for existing Fretlight 600 Series Wireless Guitars. Individual Guitar Instructors
in school Music Programs will see efficiencies in both time and money saved
by using the Fretlight Classroom.  Students will learn faster and stay engaged longer!