Guitar Tunes - Video Instruction

Truly Interactive Instruction

The Guitar Tunes app, along with the Fretlight Guitar, is the ONLY true interactive video instruction on the market today. All other video instruction still forces you to look back and forth from video to a blank guitar neck. With Guitar Tunes interactive videos, as the teacher plays in the video your Fretlight lights-up exactly what he's playing. No more guessing - get it right the first time!

Lesson Instruction

Our Fretlight interactive lessons give you the best instruction on the market today. Everything the teacher does in the video lights-up on your Fretlight. You can also slow down any part and set a custom loop. The key to learning is getting it right the first time. Whether your a beginner, intermediate, or even an advanced player, with our interactive video instruction you'll be progressing faster than you ever thought possible.

Just a few of the lesson video titles available in the Guitar Tunes app as in-app purchases:

Artist Video Instruction

We've partnered with Hal Leonard, the leader in Artist video instruction and converted their videos to light-up the Fretlight guitar. We've got a great selection of videos for you to choose from and remember, you don't need to store all of your videos on your device. When you're not watching a video, simply archive it back to the cloud and we'll keep it for you until you're ready to download it again.

Just a few of the artist video titles available in the Guitar Tunes app as in-app purchases:

Quick Licks Video Instruction

Besides great rhythms and blistering solos, learning how to master the art of the riff is incredibly important for your guitar playing journey. Of course Guitar Tunes and Fretlight make it easy with our selection of Quick Lick videos from Lick Library and the Fretlight guitar. Being able to "riff" during a song or session gives your playing a distinct edge.

Just a few of the lick video titles available in the Guitar Tunes app as in-app purchases:

Tools To Help You Get Better Faster

With 3 levels of zoom, unlimited custom loops and tempo change, learning what you want when you want becomes easier than ever. Being able to see exactly what the instructor is playing on your Fretlight guitar really takes your learning to its highest level possible. There is no better way to improve your guitar playing skills faster, period.