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The Science Behind the Fretlight Method

The benefits for beginners to advanced guitar players have been confirmed by the thousands of Fretlight guitar owners over the last three decades and it is now also backed by science. Research regarding the benefits of the Fretlight Learning System has been conducted by Wichita State University and Central Florida University is now conclusive. 

In the May 27, 2014, edition of Frontiers in Psychology, a peer review panel representing academic institutions in the USA, UK and Belgium analyzed the methodologies and results of several case studies using Fretlight Guitars. The article supports the finding that the Fretlight Learning System enables cognitive brain processes that dramatically surpass traditional methods of learning. “By ‘offloading’ information directly onto the guitar, the Fretlight system lessens barriers to learning by reducing the cognitive transfer between diagram and instrument, i. e. less back and forth means faster learning,” said Dr. Joseph Keebler, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of TRACE Lab at Wichita State. 

The BOTTOM LINE: Faster learning and better retention with Fretlight, period. And not surprisingly, the long-term studies also found that after using a Fretlight guitar for several months, players reported that learning and playing guitar was so much more enjoyable that they wanted to keep playing and learning new things.

Considering that guitar industry statistics show that 90% of first-time players quit (according to Andy Mooney, CEO of Fender Guitars, 2016) within the first 90 days, the industry is in trouble. Also consider that guitar sales have plummeted over the last 30 years and there really are no more guitar heroes that kids look up to (Can you say Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler?). Lastly, guitar has seemed to have lost it's luster in contemporary songs whether it be finger picking, rhythm playing or those awesome blistering leads we used to hear. But worst of all, the industry, the biggies and the big chains all still push and sell....wait for it.......chord, scale and song books published in the 1970's. What?!?!? This can't be...

Rusty Shaffer, CEO and inventor of the Fretlight, is a visionary that saw and made a better way to play. Fretlight's statistics over 30 years are just about opposite of the industry. 90% of Fretlight customers are still playing! Give yourself or your child the best possible chance to succeed and have fun. Become a better guitar player, quicker, with Fretlight! 

Downloadable PDF of Full Study 
Shifting the paradigm of music instruction: implications of embodiment stemming from an augmented reality guitar learning system