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The LED System

The current LED system is a far cry from what it was when Fretlight started almost 30 years ago. LED's were reliable then but they're almost fool proof now. Think about it- so many products are going to LED lights including cars. Look around you, LED's are in everything and everywhere. Fretlight is no different. The Fretlight neck has 132 surface mount super-bright LED's mounted on a super thin .031" circuit board.

Each circuit board is tested for up to 20 hours before being mated with its polymer fretboard partner. This ensures that even if there's a failure, it's caught at the board stuffing level. Once its mated to the fretboard is powered up again to check for the appropriate brightness. After that its sealed and prepared for packaging for its trip to the guitar factory.

One of the requirements of this polymer fretboard/LED system was that it had to be manufactured and glued onto a wood guitar neck like any other fretboard on any other guitar. This design insured that a standard guitar factory could build the technology intensive Fretlight neck with no special processes or tools. Standard frets, standard tooling and a standard guitar factory were key elements in bringing the modern day Fretlight to a real playable product. Inside the butt of the neck, on the reverse side of the LED circuit board, are the very small chips, Bluetooth transceiver and Sonix microprocessor that make the Fretlight light those great songs, chords and scales that we all want to learn.