What software is available for the older wired Fretlight Guitar?

  • Fretlight Studio 6 is still available for the wired Fretlight Guitar 400 and 500 Series, but it will only run on an older 32Bit Computer.
  • If you have a newer 64Bit computer your only option is to purchase Guitar Pro 8.0 software, which will work with both the older wired and newer Bluetooth Wireless guitars.


How do I replace a Bluetooth Charging Module with a broken charging port?

  • Replacement Bluetooth/Charging Modules are available on our Website in the Accessories Section. A procedure on how to do the replacement will be sent to you with the new Module.


My Fretlight Guitar with Bluetooth connects to my Lenovo or HP Personal Computer but Guitar Pro does not see the Fretlight Guitar?

  • Make sure that the Guitar Pro software is open on your computer and the Fretlight Guitar Option is set to "ON" in the SETTINGS/INTERFACE section of the Guitar Pro software. The Fretlight Guitar Bluetooth connects with the Guitar P{ro software, not directly with your computer. 
  • If you have tried to connect the Fretlight guitar directly with your computer without the Guitar Pro software open, you will have to remove the Fretlight Guitar from the Bluetooth devices in your computer and follow the instructions in this link to remove your Bluetooth LE.


I have not used my Fretlight Guitar in many months or years and now it will not Bluetooth connect to any of my devices?

  • If the battery is fully charged and you are getting the blinking E Chord Bluetooth pairing signal on the Fretlight guitar and it is still not connecting to your device, you will have to do a hardware reset to the Bluetooth Module.
  • Please follow the instructions in this link to reset your Bluetooth Module. 


Can my older Fretlight wired Guitar be converted to Bluetooth Wireless?

  • No, conversions from the wired Fretlight guitar to Bluetooth are not possible.


Can I input my own Chord Progressions into the Guitar Tunes APP and save them for later practice?

  • Yes, you can enter your own custom chord progressions and name and save them for future practice.
  • Go to the Chords & Scales section of the Guitar tunes APP and under the CATEGORY: select "Chord Progressions" 
  • Select the chords you want in the progression and then name and save it.


What is the warranty on a Fretlight Guitar?

  • Your Fretlight Guitar has a 1 year warranty, starting from the date of receipt.


Can an out of warranty Fretlight Guitar be sent to you for repair?

  • No, we do not repair out of warranty Fretlight Guitars