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How does the Fretlight Wireless guitar work?

Fretlight Wireless connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth BLE. Download and launch Guitar Tunes™, listen to original artist recordings and watch real-time fingering positions for every guitar part display on the Fretlight guitar.

Will my Android or Apple iOS device work with the Fretlight Wireless guitar?

Yes! The system works with Android and Apple iOS devices. See the system requirements on our Apps page. 

How do I know that the system will work for me?

The benefits for beginners to advanced guitar players have been confirmed by the thousands of Fretlight guitar owners over the last two-plus decades and it is now also backed by science. Research regarding the benefits of the Fretlight Learning System has been conducted by Wichita State University and Central Florida University is now conclusive. In the May 27, 2014, edition of Frontiers in Psychology, a peer review panel representing academic institutions in the USA, UK and Belgium analyzed the methodologies and results of several case studies using Fretlight Guitars. The article supports the finding that the Fretlight Learning System enables cognitive brain processes that dramatically surpass traditional methods of learning. “By ‘offloading’ information directly onto the guitar, the Fretlight system lessens barriers to learning by reducing the cognitive transfer between diagram and instrument, i. e. less back and forth means faster learning,” said Dr. Joseph Keebler, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of TRACE Lab at Wichita State. The BOTTOM LINE: Faster learning and better retention with Fretlight, period. And not surprisingly, the long-term studies also found that after using a Fretlight guitar for several months, players reported that learning and playing guitar was so much more enjoyable that they wanted to keep playing and learning new things. Considering guitar industry statistics show that 80% of first-time players quit within the first 90 days, give yourself or your child the best possible chance to succeed. Learn to play with Fretlight.

How long does the battery last?

The Fretlight Wireless guitar has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery via a micro USB port on the guitar. Depending on your individual use, you can get over 100 hours of continuous use before having to recharge.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

A full charge takes about 4 hours.

Where can I find help with setting up my Fretlight Wireless guitar?

Our Support Team is available Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 4:30 PM Pacific Time. You can give us a call at (800) 575-6511, chat with us, or send an email to 


Do I need a WiFi connection to use my Fretlight Wireless guitar with a mobile device?

After you download the app(s) and content, no. The Fretlight Wireless guitar connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth BLE (4.0 or greater). You must enable Bluetooth on your device.

Will I need to connect my Fretlight Wireless guitar to a computer at any time? 

There is no need to connect your Wireless guitar to your computer... ever. 

Do I need to charge the internal battery prior to using my Fretlight guitar? 

No. Your Fretlight Wireless guitar will arrive with a battery charge between 25%-75%.

Where can I download Fretlight apps? 

You can download Fretlight apps from your device's app store. Please see our App page for more information.

Will the Fretlight apps cost me anything? 

The Guitar Tunes app is free and includes free beginner to advanced content. Then you can optionally purchase videos, songs, and Jam Alongs. The optional apps range from free to $9.99.

What is included with my Fretlight guitar purchase? 

The free Guitar Tunes app.
Thousands of chord, scale, arpeggio, note, and interval patterns.
Over 29 hours of free Fretlight Video Lessons. Over $445 in value!
Free Beginner to Advanced Fretlight Video Lessons.
Free Blues, Jazz, Metal, Rock Improvisation Fretlight Video Lessons.
Free Acoustic, Blues, Country, Lead, Metal, Rhythm, Rock "In the First Five" Fretlight Video Lessons.
A free Jam Along song.
Nine free songs and song samples. 
App-based guitar tuner. 

How do I connect/pair my Fretlight to apps?

Be sure that Bluetooth is turned on within your smartphone or tablet. You can initiate pairing from within your Fretlight compatible app. When pairing is successful (which is instantaneous in most cases), the blinking lights on the guitar will disappear. See Player's Guide for more details.


Will my smartphone or tablet work with the Fretlight Wireless guitar? 

The Fretlight Wireless guitar works with Apple (iOS 9+) and Android (6.0+) devices with Bluetooth BLE (v 4.0+). Please see our Apps page for individual app requirements. Please go here to identify the iPad model you have. Go here to identify the iPhone model you have. Search for your Android phone's specifications by clicking HERE

To find your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad iOS versionTap Settings, tap General and tap About.

To find out which Android OS is on your device: Open your device's Settings, tap About Phone or About Device, and tap Android Version to display your version information.

Getting Started

Apple iOS: How To Download & Bluetooth Pair With Your Fretlight Apple iOS Apps.

Android: How To Download & Pair Your Fretlight Guitar With Your Android Apps.


1. Watch our Tutorial Videos.

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2. For more information and troubleshooting check out our Knowledgebase.

Click here to check out our Knowledgebase. Included help for our previous models: FG-100, FG-200, FG-300, FG-400, and FG-500. 

3. Return a product.

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We provide a 30-day 100% money back guaranty less shipping and handle on most items. You will also have a full year of warranty coverage. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

4. Download Fretlight support documents. 

FG-600 Wireless Player's Guide

FG-600 Wireless Manual

N-Tune Tuner User Manual

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6. Fretlight support requirements.

Free Phone Support is available for all wireless FG-600 series Fretlight guitar users. 
Wired FG-400/500 series Fretlight guitar users must be using Windows 7 or above or Mac 10.7 or above for phone support.

Chat, email, and Knowledgebase help is available for all users with Fretlight related questions.

Make sure you have your device or computer and guitar handy when calling in for support.  

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