The Fretlight Acoustic/Electric

Quality Construction

Fretlight Guitars are made at the same overseas factory as Dean, Washburn, Epiphone, Fender and others. The factory is a top-of-the-line builder with over six decades of experience and we've been with them since 2003. We've spec'd high quality woods and thorough processes for every phase of construction. If that's not enough, every Fretlight is inspected before it leaves the factory by a U.S. Fretlight representative.

Lush Tonewoods

Adorned with a maple neck and mahogoney sides and back the 629 sounds balanced and bright. It's concert cutaway shape allows access to the upper frets but it's strong suit is its neck. Responsive and fast whether your picking or just playing lush maj7 chords. The 629 is a guitar you can record with, either acousticlly or direct in. But it's also a guitar that's just as well suited on the beach or in the backyard. It just sounds great.

An Elegant Pre Amp & Tuner

The Fishman Isys pre-amp and tuner are top notch and non instrusive. The first thing you notice is the bass response, deep and boomy with clear lows that accentuate those plucked bass strings. After that the treble has an immense range that allows you to dial in just the right amount. The tuner is, of course, simply as can be and it's solid - no bouncing around finding the note. You tune quickly and easily and away you go.

"I love my Freltight Acoustic/Electric. It has so much range for all the different songs I want to play. I find myself blowing hours on this thing - its way to much fun! Thank you for a great guitar and a lifelong learning companion."

Robert C.
South Lake Tahoe California

"I've had other acoustics before but the Fretlight Acoustic/Electric is a really great guitar for the money. I can't beleive they can make this thing play as good as it does and include the LED system. This is my go-to acoustic."

Michael G.
Raleigh North Carolina

"My Freltight Acoustic/Electric is the ultimate learning tool and its so portable. I can sit outside, bluetooth to my phone and run scales or chords or songs or whatever. Truly innovative and a joy to play. "

Peter K.
Austin Texas