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The Guitar Tunes App


Guitar Tunes™ is an app for your Apple or Android mobile device. 

We built a completely new way to learn your favorite songs and improve your guitar playing skills. A Virtual Fretboard displays real-time fingering positions for every guitar part while you're listening to the original artist recording. No “MIDI", no “sounds like”, no “in the style of”... just the REAL song. And of course, it lights your Fretlight guitar.

In addition to songs you can learn to play, you’ll find an extensive library Fretlight video lessons, Hal Leonard video lessons and Quick Lick video lessons. Every video includes professional instruction, and best of all; fingering positions for everything you see a teacher play is instantly displayed on the Virtual Fretboard and your Fretlight guitar. You also have tempo and looping controls, as well as the ability to step through those difficult leads one note at a time so you can learn at your own pace.

If you're already a player looking to improve your lead and rhythm skills, Guitar Tunes has a variety of progressions we call Jam Alongs. These are songs in various genres with no vocals and you're the lead guitar player. Guitar Tunes suggest several scales for you to use to improvise over the solo. You can also choose from other more advanced scales and light that up in an individual box position or on the entire fretboard. And if that's not enough, Guitar Tunes even gives you the chords for the progression, an inversions of those chords (another set of chords), as well as allowing you to light up the chord tones on the entire neck as they change throughout the song. That's a ton of material right at your fingertips!