The Fretlight Electric

Quality Construction

Fretlight Guitars are made at the same overseas factory as Dean, Washburn, Epiphone, Fender and others. The factory is a top-of-the-line builder with over six decades of experience and we've been with them since 2003. We've spec'd high quality woods and thorough processes for every phase of construction. If that's not enough, every Fretlight is inspected before it leaves the factory by a U.S. Fretlight representative.

Matching Components

Every component that goes on a Fretlight guitar is designed with the player in mind. Whether it's ase of use, great asthetics, or logial functionality, we've taken care to fit all Fretlights with great components. And by the way, we're guitar players too, so when we put togther different pickup or component combinations as options you can rest assured that we've spent hours making sure that the option will do what it says for the type of music or style you're playing.

A Silky Smooth Fretboard

We're the only guitar manufacturer in the world to put a polymer fretboard on a wood neck. Of course our advanced polymer neck contains the LED system but there's really more to it. The combination of maple neck and polymer fretboard produces a sustain that we've never heard out of a guitar, regardless of what pickups are on it. That's because physics tells us that passing a tone through a polymer yields a increased frequency resonance (aka sustain) than passing a tone through wood.

"I was really suprised at the level of quality and playability of my Fretlight 621. I just never thought that a guitar with a such a cool learning system could also be a player."

Jim L.
Memphis Tennesee

"I'm totally blown away by the Shelby Designs Pickup System. These pickups are incredible! I'll put my Fretlight up against any strat out there. It simply sounds amazing."

Brian T.
Los Angeles California

"These guys really know how to build guitars. I was skeptical but the guitar is really amazing. The learning system is incredible but to have the guitar play great is a bonus. "

Paul M.
Seattle Washington