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Brew Brothers Jam Along

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So you're ready to jam? Well here you go! You're the band's lead guitar player and you get to play along as your Fretlight lights up different tracks and scales. Throughout this Fretlight Ready video you will learn some great rhythm and lead parts as well as a variety of different scale types to improvise with, including the Minor and Major Pentatonic scales, Minor and Major Blues scales, modes like Aeolian and Dorian, and even the Harmonic Minor scale. You get to choose the guitar part and you always have the option of looping any part of the video and slowing it down. You can also choose to light up the scale for certain tracks. This is a great video for anyone who wants to jam and improvise over blues, classic rock and hard rock progressions.

Running time: approx. 30 minutes

PC and Mac Compatible

SPECIAL NOTE: These videos are optimized for the FG-400 and FG-500 series of guitars with full 21-fret lighted learning systems. These videos are NOT compatible with Fretlight 5 acoustic and electric guitars.