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How to Order a Fretlight Guitar

You'll notice on the guitar product pages that there are several dropdown boxes which give you several options when ordering a guitar. Let's review what each of those options entails:

1. The Shelby Designs Pickup System Option (FG-621 only).

The stock pickups are good, but the Shelby's are awesome. Just check out the reviews! Rusty Shaffer himself custom designed a nice hot-to-warm (H-S-S) pickup set with Alnico II magnets. He wanted a clean tone reminiscent of Mark Knopfler and a bite when playing crunch like Angus Young. These pickups sound fantastic. You also get the N-Tune tuner built into a push-pull volume switch so you'll never be without a guitar tuner. And lastly, you get to choose a black pickguard w/black pickups or a white pickguard w/white pickups. You really get to customize the look of your new FG-621. If you're an experienced player that really wants a better sound out of your guitar - our Shelby System is for you. To read more about the Shelby Designs Pickup System, GO HERE.

2. The Katana Fret-Level Option.

By opting to purchase a Katana Fret-Level for your new Fretlight, you're insuring that your guitar will play better than 95% of the guitars out there. That's right! We're very confident in this technology. We've seen it in action on our tech's workbenches. We've played guitars that have had it done and customers are raving about it. Our techs take some extra time to perform a Katana Fret-Level on your new Fretlight prior to shipping. To read more about the Katana Fret-Level System, GO HERE.

3. The Dean Markley Strings Option.

Dean Markley Strings (and guitar cables) are the best the industry has to offer. We've had a close relationship with the Dean Markley folks dating back to when they were located in San Jose CA. Once you feel and hear Dean Markley strings on your guitar, you won't ever want any other strings on your guitar. That's because Dean Markley believes in quality. Every pack of strings delivers a consistent brilliance in tone and feel. With this option you purchase two sets at a discounted rate. We'll install one set on your new Fretlight now, and we'll put another set in with your guitar for a few months from now when you're ready to change strings. You can't go wrong.

4. Software Option.

This is where if you haven't purchased Guitar Pro 7 yet, you'll want to do so now. We have both PC and Mac versions. Guitar Pro 7 is software for your PC or Mac that allows you to play tablature, downloaded from the internet for free, and see it light up on your Fretlight Guitar. Arobas, the makers of Guitar Pro 7, are the premier designers of this amazing software. Your Fretlight connects to your computer via Bluetooth and reacts instantly to the tablature being played. To read more about Guitar Pro 7, GO HERE.

5. Warranty

Finally, you'll have the option to purchase an extended warranty. This is a personal choice. Some people like them some hate them. The value is in the 3-year warranty which covers the guitar head to toe. We'll fix it or replace it. You ship it to us on your nickel, we'll ship it back to you on ours. It's that simple.