Understanding the Options when Ordering a Fretlight Guitar

After choosing your guitar, you'll notice that there are several dropdown boxes which give you options when ordering a guitar. Let's review what each of those options entails:

The Katana Fret-Level Service

By choosing to purchase a Katana Fret-Level service for your new Fretlight, you're insuring that your guitar will play better than 98% of the guitars out there. That's right! We're very confident in this technology. We've seen it in action on our tech's workbenches and we've played the guitars that have had it done. It's simply amazing.

Customers are raving about it. Our techs take some extra time to perform a Katana Fret-Level on your new Fretlight prior to shipping.

Software Option

Guitar Pro 7.5 is software for your PC or Mac that allows you to play tablature, downloaded from the internet for free, and see it light up on your Fretlight Guitar. Arobas, the makers of Guitar Pro 7.5, are the premier designers of this amazing software.

Your Fretlight connects to your computer via Bluetooth and reacts instantly to the tablature being played. You can choose PC or Mac at this option as well.