How to Download FREE Tab from Ultimate Guitar

Here's how to download tab for Guitar Pro software from the website

1. Go to and search for a song. In the picture, you'll see we searched for the song Sweet Child of Mine. Now click the Guitar Pro filter in the middle of the page above the list of songs.

2. Now you'll see all the Guitar Pro software version s. If you look at the star ratings, you'll see that there is one song that has the most ratings. Choose that one.

3. Now you'll see the song page. It's confusing because the ultimate guitar people want you to choose their paid version of tab. What you want to do at this point is to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

4. At the bottom of the page you'll see a small box that says download the Guitar Pro version of the tab. That is free. Click that box and your download will begin. Once your download is finished, open up GP and then navigate to the file you just download and open it. That's it.