Course Roadmap Lesson Guide

A visual representation of lessons for your level are now available for cross-reference.

Our Course Roadmaps represent a suggested lesson path for each players level. You’ll notice that we adhere to the “Stair-Step” method of learning, which presents you with a lesson, then allows you to apply what you’ve been taught  in that lesson. In the case of the Guitar Tunes app, an instructor will teach you a lesson, then you will need to pick up the guitar and apply the lesson by trying to play the song.

This sequence is repeated over and over as you excel through the Roadmap levels progressing from Beginner, Intermediate-I, Intermediate-II, and Advanced. This is a proven methodology and works well for learning most things, especially guitar.

Our goal is to keep the journey fun and exciting! Learning this way allows you to practice what you’ve learned right away, putting the power to play in your hands.

Enjoy the ease of being able to click through the lessons in the library of the Guitar Tunes app or view the Course Roadmap for a more visual detail of instruction.

Most important thing is "You can do this!"

The idea is that if you can see success – in this case hear success – our hope is you’ll be more motivated to keep practicing and getting better, thanks to this incredibly powerful app.

Beginner Player Level