Connect my Fretlight to the Guitar Tunes APP on an Android or Apple Mobile device



Connecting your Fretlight to your mobile device


1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile device

Usually this is found in the settings area.

2. Download and install the Guitar Tunes app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

The app is free.

3. Launch Guitar Tunes

After it launches you be asked to enter your playing level and birth year. This information helps continually make Guitar Tunes a better app. After entering the information tap the "Play Now" button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Open a song

When you see the home screen tap on the "Quick Play" square and Guitar Tunes will load a song into the main play screen. At this point, it's time to connect your Fretlight guitar.

5. Push the "ON/OFF" button your Fretlight

Just push it once. If you push it and hold for 3 seconds (after turning the system on, it will light all the lights and then the system will turn off). The Fretlight should be blinking an E Maj open chord. It will blink (indicating its in pairing mode) for 30 seconds, then it will turn off. If you need to put the guitar in pairing mode again, just press the button again.

6. Connect to Guitar Tunes

With the lights blinking on the guitar, tap the gray Bluetooth icon on the lower right side of the Guitar Tunes screen, just above the fretboard. When the Fretlight connects, the lights will go out on the guitar and the Bluetooth icon in Guitar Tunes will turn blue indicating you are connected! If you want to change the name of your guitar, or set LEFTY mode, press and hold the blue Bluetooth icon and it will take you to another screen to make those changes.

NOTE: If you're having difficulty connecting, try holding the Fretlight button in for 3 seconds to turn the Fretlight guitar off and clear its memory. Once you see all the lights light up let go of the button and then you'll see all the lights go out. This is particularly useful if you've connected to one device, then later want to connect to another.

Example #1. Let's say you connected to your iPad today. Then tomorrow, you want to connect to the iPad again. No issues, your Fretlight should connect instantly because it has remembered that connection and wants to find the iPad again.

Example #2. You're connected to your iPad today. Then tomorrow, you want to connect to your PC. NOW YOU HAVE TO HOLD THE FRETLIGHT BLUETOOTH BUTTON IN FOR 3 SECONDS TO CLEAR THE MEMORY. And remember, when you connect to your PC, make sure that your iPad's Bluetooth is not on.