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Lead in the First 5

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The “Lead in the First 5” video is the second video in a two-part series which explains the basics of playing rhythm and lead guitar. This video explains the basics of starting to play lead guitar and gets you jamming quickly over the progressions you learned in the “Rhythm in the First 5” video. You’ll learn how to navigate and play through a scale, use various lead techniques and learn to improvise your own lead part with the band. Best of all, as the teacher in the video plays, your Fretlight 5 lights up exactly what he’s playing. No more guessing where he’s putting his fingers. Fast, easy and fun!

Approximate running time 40 minutes


  • Single Note Coordination
  • Vibrato Technique
  • All About Bending
  • Alternate picking
  • Double-Stop Technique
  • Hammer Ons and Pull Offs


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