Beat the Learning Curve

Learning to play the guitar has been frustrating and difficult for decades. Traditional methodology forces you to look back and forth from charts and books. You have to try to memorize the fingering patterns on the paper in front of you and then translate those patterns to a blank fretboard. Back and forth…..back and forth. No wonder 80% of first time players quit!

Fretlight eliminates this frustration by letting you see that same finger placement information for chords, scales, songs, riffs and tablature light up on the fretboard where you need to see it most–right under your fingers! No more guesswork… No more frustration of spending hours to play a simple riff… With the Fretlight built in LED learning system, you can get started in minutes!

Think about it like this – look down at the keyboard of your computer. Where did they put the letters and numbers – on a piece of paper to the side of a keyboard with blank keys?? NO! they put those letters and numbers exactly where you need them – right on the keys.

Whether you want to play easy songs, complex scales or anything in-between, the Fretlight guitar is the key for you to unlock that ever long desire of playing guitar or getting better. It’s so simple, it works.

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Chords & Scales Are the Building Blocks to Playing Guitar

Whether you are an advanced, intermediate or beginner – Fretlight makes learning chords & scales easy. Beginners can select a chord, from the 130 lessons in the software, and the lights on the fretboard will show you exactly where to put your fingers to play! It’s that simple. Intermediate and advanced players can use the extensive library of 1300 chord inversions and scales to audition and experiment with. There are also 150 back tracks to play along with for that song that you’ve always wanted to play.


Video Lessons are Included


Fretlight Interactive video lessons are perfect for the complete beginner. Easy to understand video instruction combined with the interactive Fretlight guitar gets you playing fast! Multiple practice exercises that you can slow down for quick, focused learning. See exactly what the teacher is playing as it lights up on your Fretlight guitar.

Topics Include:

  • basic picking
  • rhythm and strumming techniques
  • building chord progressions
  • and much more