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Orange Crush Pix CR35DLX

$ 189.99 $ 249.99

Orange Crush Pix CR35DLX
Orange Crush Pix CR35DLX Orange Crush Pix CR35DLX Orange Crush Pix CR35DLX

$ 189.99 $ 249.99

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With 35 watts pushing a single 10" speaker, the CR35LDX is capable of putting out a ton of indisputably Orange tone. A 3-band EQ lets you tune your CR35LDX just the way you like it, and you can switch between chiming clear tone and creamy overdrive with either the push of a button or the press of a footswitch. The CR35LDX also gives you 16 excellent studio reverb and delay effects, plus an onboard tuner.


  • Switchable overdrive
  • Headphone output
  • Aux input for MP3 or CD
  • Built-in tuner

Digital FX

  • Reverb room/hall/spring/chapel
  • Delay 100ms/175ms/300ms/650ms
  • Chorus slow/fast
  • Flanger slow/fast
  • Hall + delay
  • Tremolo slow/fast
  • Vibrato



Volume: Low/Mid/High

Overdrive: On/Off

Tuner: On/Off

Gain, FX Mode, FX Level

Output Power 


Unboxed Dimensions

H: 14.96" W: 17.13" D: 8.86"

Unboxed Weight

24.8 lbs.

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