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F5 Wireless Electric Guitar

$ 199.99 $ 279.99

F5 Wireless Electric Guitar
F5 Wireless Electric Guitar F5 Wireless Electric Guitar F5 Wireless Electric Guitar F5 Wireless Electric Guitar

$ 199.99 $ 279.99

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The Fretlight 5 Wireless Guitar was designed with the beginner guitar player in mind. 

The Fretlight 5 Wireless Guitars have lights in the first 5 frets of the guitar and the nut. Why? The first 5 frets are where beginners start playing their first chords, songs and riffs - making it easy and fun to get started playing guitar! The built-in tuner is a convenient way to be sure you're sounding great each time you pick up the guitar to play!

Check out all the free content in the Fretlight Video Player app or head on over to the App Page to browse all the other apps compatible with the Fretlight 5 guitar.


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The Fretlight Wireless guitar utilizes Bluetooth BLE technology. Your mobile device must have Bluetooth BLE, commonly referred to as Bluetooth 4.0, to connect to a Fretlight Wireless guitar. Transmission range will vary, 10-15 feet is best, up to 50 feet is common.

Fretlight apps may connect differently. Some may require you to tap a button in the app to connect, some may just connect automatically as soon as you launch the app. Read the help descriptions in the apps for further details.

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