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FG-651 Orianthi Wireless Electric

$ 499.99

FG-651 Orianthi Wireless Electric
FG-651 Orianthi Wireless Electric FG-651 Orianthi Wireless Electric FG-651 Orianthi Wireless Electric FG-651 Orianthi Wireless Electric FG-651 Orianthi Wireless Electric

$ 499.99

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Play like a rock star with the new FG-651 Orianthi Limited Edition Fretlight Wireless Guitar. Designed by Ori herself, this guitar is one of a kind. Orianthi wanted to make a statement in both sound, design, and functionality. Features included a beautiful flamed maple top, unique purple guitar finish, custom pickguard color, Orianthi Attitude Pickups, Tone Pot Mod to control the humbucker's tone, and Volume Pot Treble Bleed Mod to give you bright tones at any volume!

The FG-651 Electric includes our patented wireless lighted learning system and allows a player to light-up songs, chords, scales and riffs right on the neck of the guitar. The Fretlight Wireless Ori Electric connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth BLE. A variety of apps are available on the App store and Google play which allow users to see chords and scales, purchase video lessons, see tablature, improvise over progressions and much more!

“My limited edition Fretlight is crazy cool! I wanted to create a guitar that was so different that players just don’t want to put it down. Fretlight worked with me to create my Orianthi Attitude pickups which are completely custom and speak to my tone. Playing this guitar reminds me of my playing roots and having it be a Fretlight too – wow – now that’s amazing.” 

Please note that the headstock logo has an FG-500 logo but it is an FG-600. 

Custom Orianthi Attitude Pickups 
Mid and Neck: Flattop, Alnico V, Rod - 6.4K, 4.5H
Bridge: Ceramic Bar Magnet, 12 Black Hexagonal Pole Pieces - 16K, 7.6H

Wiring Modifications

Humbucker Tone Pot Mod - Control the humbucker's tone!
Volume Pot Treble Bleed Mod - Bright tones at any volume!

Audio Sample Clean: 

Position 1: Bridge pickup only.
Position 2: Bridge pickup and middle pickup together.
Position 3: Middle pickup only.
Position 4. Middle pickup and neck pickup together.
Position 5: Neck pickup only.

Includes a micro-USB charger with wall adapter, Allen wrench, and Player's Guide.

Download the Fretlight Wireless Quick Start Guides.

FG-600 Wireless Owner's Guide

FG-600 Wireless Online Manual

The Fretlight Wireless guitar utilizes Bluetooth BLE technology. Your mobile device must have Bluetooth BLE, commonly referred to as Bluetooth 4.0, to connect to a Fretlight Wireless guitar. Transmission range will vary, 10-15 feet is best, up to 50 feet is common.

Please go here to identify the iPad model you have. Go here to identify the iPhone model you have.


Go here to check out more details on all the apps that are available for the Fretlight Wireless guitar. 

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