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FG-500 Wireless Upgrade Program

$ 199.99

FG-500 Wireless Upgrade Program
FG-500 Wireless Upgrade Program FG-500 Wireless Upgrade Program FG-500 Wireless Upgrade Program

$ 199.99

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Please Read!

1. WIRED guitar content (e.g., videos, lessons, software) is NOT transferable or compatible with the new WIRELESS system. No trade-in or refund system exists for Wired guitars or content.

2. The following Wired guitars are eligible for the upgrade program: FG-507, FG-511, FG-521, FG-529, and FG-551

3. Wireless Guitars require:
- Bluetooth LE 4.0
- iPad 3rd Gen or higher
- iPhone 4S or higher
- iOS 9.0 or higher

4. The Wireless upgrade program is only available within the contiguous United States. The Wireless upgrade program is not available in Alaska, Hawaii or other International locations.

5. Wireless upgrade guitar LEDs will generate noise (picked up by guitar amplifiers) in pickup positions 2-5.

6. All upgrades are non-cancel, non-refundable.

7. No future or additional upgrades are planned or promised.

8. The Upgrade process is not reversible.

9. Please ONLY send back the guitar. Do not ship back any accessories, for example, cables, tuners, straps, capos, picks, etc. If you ship your guitar back in your gig bag or in your hard shell case please use a box sturdy enough for return shipping. We don not have extra boxes for all sizes of gig bags and hard shell cases. The best way to ship your guitar is to choose the option above which let us ship a box to you, which is sized to perfectly fit your Fretlight and is hassle free. This option only cost an additional $19.99 plus the return shipping label. 

10. Test that your guitar is still working as a wired guitar before you ship it back to us. If the LED system is not working the RMA maybe be rejected. If it is not repairable, we will ship the guitar back to you and refund the remaining $169.99 balance. If it can be repaired, we will charge you an agreed to amount for either a repair or a neck/guitar replacement in a new transaction before continuing with the upgrade. 

For a limited time, upgrade your 500 Series Fretlight Wired Guitar (FG-507, FG-511, FG-521, FG-529, or FG-551) to the latest FG-600 series Wireless system. The Upgrade includes a basic guitar setup, upgrade hardware, neck reprogramming and all labor. A FREE acoustic or electric Standard Gig Bag is included!

Use the following steps to complete your upgrade.

Step 1:

 - Select your FG-500 Series guitar model
 - Agree to Terms & Conditions
 - Select shipping option

    Step 2: 

    You will receive a confirmation email (WILL TAKE 1-2 WEEKS) containing return authorization and shipping instructions for your Wired guitar. Only once this arrives can ship your guitar to us. If you purchased a return shipping label it will be emailed to you at this time and if you purchased a return box and a prepaid return label a new order will be placed for those items at this time and they will be shipped to you. Please allow 3-5 business days for those items to arrive.  

     - USB Wall Power Adapter
     - Charger USB to Micro USB Cable
     - Allen Wrench Tool Set
     - Acoustic/Electric Standard Gig Bag
     - Player's Guide
     - Basic Setup
     - Minor Wiring/Hardware Repairs or Adjustments (Non-LED System Repairs) 
     - New Strings*
     - Free Downloadable Wireless Apps
     - Free Downloadable In-App Content

    *Our strings will not be sent back with the guitar if you opt for us to install your own choice of strings. Ship your strings back with the guitar in a factory sealed pack. Indicate in the RMA form that you want to use your strings.


    Download the Fretlight Wireless Guide.

    FG-600 Wireless Player's Guide

    Click here for a list of apps available for the Fretlight Wireless Guitar.

    Check out the new Guitar Tunes app here!

    The Fretlight Wireless guitar requires Bluetooth BLE technology. Your mobile device must have Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) to connect to a Fretlight Wireless guitar. Transmission range will vary based on surroundings, 10-15 feet is typical, and up to 50 feet is common.

    Fretlight apps may connect differently, some require tapping a specific button in the app others connect automatically at launch. Refer to app directions.

    Need help to identify your iPad model?  Click here.

    Need help to identify your iPhone model? Click here.


    The guitar, guitar parts, or any other item(s) sent to us by any customer for any type of installation, add-on, upgrade, or for any other purpose in which said item receives any type of intentional or unintentional damaged or is mishandled, lost, broken or becomes nonfunctional or unplayable during any part before, during, or after the upgrade process is or is not performed by Optek Music Systems, Inc. and any member of its staff shall not be liable for any exchange, refund, upgrade, credit, or replacement under any circumstance. At our sole discretion, the maximum liability of any type of courtesy coverage is one new or used FG-400 or FG-500 of any type or finish or an FG-621 or FG-629 of any finish. If courtesy coverage is offered and accepted no refund or credit will be offered in an addition and no warranty is provided for the item(s).

    The limited product warranty will only ensure that the new product(s) used to upgrade the guitar are free from manufacturing, workmanship, or installation defects for the maximum point of 1year. The warranty does not cover the following actions.

    1. Misuse by the customer in any way that will risk damaging the product(s), physical damage, dropped, accidental damage, forceful damage, or unauthorized dismantle.

    2. Physical damage due to wear and tear or physical mishandling or dropping accidentally or deemed damaged by the manufacturer.

    3. Any acts of nature including, but not limited to, static, rain, water, sun affect, flood, thunderstorm, earthquake.

    4. Burns, burn marks, fire, or water spill on the device will cause the warranty to be voided immediately.

    5. Our provided power adapters or cables do not have warranty even though problems may arise due to multiple reasons and are not covered by the warranty. Factors related to electricity such as surge or product failure are not covered by the warranty.

    6. If any kind of liquids, water or other mediums not suitable for use on the product have been used on the product; the product warranty shall not be covered in any case.

    7. Non-professional or negligent handling or use of any third party electrical components shall void any and all warranty coverage or replacement options offer under warranty.

    Optek Music Systems, Inc. is governed by the laws of the United States of America. By making a purchase you, the customer, agrees to all of our Terms and Conditions as stated or implied. Optek Music Systems, Inc. reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice. Any dispute arising must be referred to our management team via a digital or analog written request. A response will be given in our normal time frames. No further action by us is guaranteed.