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Why Kids Should Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to play the guitar doesn’t have to be difficult. The Fretlight Guitar makes learning to play fun and easy! Exposure to music offers many benefits to your child (and their mind!). It promotes language, listening skills, memory, and motor skills. Not to mention, your child will have a skill that will last a lifetime!
7 Reasons Why your Child Should Learn a Musical Instrument

1. Gets Kids Away from the Smartphones, Tablets and Video Games

Let’s face it – our kids are glued to technology these days. Texts, Snapchats, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – it’s social overload! Fretlight is a great outlet for your child to learn something, while still retaining the up-to-date technology that they love to use.

2. Better Test Scores

A 10 year study involving 25,000 students show that music-making improves test scores in standardized tests, as well as in reading proficiency exams (2).

3. Increased Confidence and Self-Identity

Watch your child’s face light up as he plays his first song within 10 minutes! As your child continues to advance, his skills become more refined and he starts to conquer more and more challenges. The sense of pride and achievement he will feel as he learns is enough to make anyone smile! Not to mention, you’ll feel pretty proud yourself!

4. Promotes Language Skills

Studies show that learning an instrument enhances the ability to remember words and musically trained individuals remember 17% more verbal information that those without musical training.(1)

5. Enhances Coordination

Did you know that, when you learn to play a musical instrument, the parts of your brain that control motor skills can actually grow and become more active? It’s true! Especially when playing guitar, you are performing different tasks simultaneously, thus increasing hand/eye coordination.

6. It Helps to Teach Discipline and Patience

Learning something new can be challenging, yet fun. The Fretlight guitar makes it easy for your child to learn his/her first chords, and to keep going from there! Each time they pick up their Fretlight they will make dramatic progress in just a few short minutes because the lighted learning system is always they for them, guiding them along to new heights.

7. Fosters Creativity

Playing an instrument is an outlet for creativity in anyone! It starts at the first note and continues to grow, especially once your child reaches an intermediate level. There are endless creative possibilities with making music.