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The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar is Right at Your Fingertips

The Fretlight Guitar lets you see where to play instantly...

The Fretlight guitar provides the advantage of seeing patterns right on the neck rather than in a book or chart. That means you’re able to use these patterns before you’ve memorized! That’s a huge advantage in saving time, not to mention the sheer work. Sure, you’ll want to eventually memorize what you’re seeing on the Fretlight, but this shortcut has proven to save days and weeks of frustration for thousands of satisfied Fretlight Owners.
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1. Use Different Scales to Instantly Improvise

Successful soloing requires two components – The physical ability to play through a scale or chord tone pattern and the knowledge of where to play those notes. Traditional learning forces you to grapple with both of these tasks at the same time – that’s why it’s difficult to get better in any efficient manner. Fretlight takes the “where to play…” out of the equation, certainly at the beginning. When you use a Fretlight and you can focus on moving through the scale without have to also focus on the “where to play” you’re now able to truly audition any scale instantly so you can hear what it sounds like and you can decide if a particular scale is worth memorizing. This is a huge advantage of using a Fretlight.

2. Learn From the Masters - Free Tabs

Fretlight saves time on tasks you’ve done for years - learning new songs! What’s your time worth? Do you have the time to plow though pages of tab for hours on end? Even if you did, why learn the old way? With the Guitar Pro mobile app you can load virtually any tab found on the Internet and watch it light up on your Fretlight. You can choose to see any part, slow it down or loop. Playing guitar is visual – you’ve heard that for years. Use the best visual tool out there – a Fretlight Guitar. You’ll learn and retain songs faster than ever before, about a tenth of the time of conventional learning!

3. Take an Interactive Guitar Lesson

Everyone can benefit from a great teacher and a guitar lesson. Part of the problem with watching YouTube™ videos is that it’s hard to see exactly where someone is placing his fingers. You end up rewinding over and over! Frustrating and not very efficient. With the Fretlight Video player app, EVERY video available (over 100 instructional titles) is Fretlight Ready. Everything the instructor plays lights fingering positions right on the neck of your Fretlight guitar! No more guess work, no more endless rewinding. You get it right the first time. It’s truly a revolution in learning guitar. Once you learn on a Fretlight you’ll never go back to the old conventional methods. Tens of thousands of Fretlight owners have an advantage – what are you waiting for? Get Fretlight today!

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