The Shelby Designs Pickup Systems

Custom Pickups that Fit your Style

Optek's Shelby Designs Pickups System's provide unique sounds for different players. The Speed System emphasizes balance and clarity while also including the N-Tune on-board tuning system. The Crush System boasts heat and sizzle for those looking to push the envelope of sound. Whether you're a dirt fiend or a clean freak, we know you'll be happy with one of these unique and powerful pickup systems.

The Shelby Speed System

The Shelby Speed System gives you tones reminiscent of classic rockers like Dire Straits and Pink Floyd. The flat-matched Alnico II magnets give you a sweet, smooth responsive tone yet punch with attack when you drive them. These hotter wound pickups also yield increased sustain through the mid-range frequency thus balancing out your overall sound. You get nice balanced system over a very broad range of music. The N-Tune Tuner is on-board to make life just a little easier. Pull up on the volume and start tuning, it's that easy. Push down on the volume and you're ready to rock.

The Shelby Crush System

The Shelby Crush System in new for 2019 and was designed for the player who loves to get dirty. The Alnico II rail magnets are wrapped by two opposite wound coils producing amazing distortion in a single coil space. The bridge position Humbucker is a full size fat zebra humbucker that is tap-able with the push-pull volume pot. This pickup is full of bottom end and crunch. You get a the best distortion and overdrive whether you're playing speed metal or classic rock AC/DC dirt! However, tap the coil (pull up on the push pull volume knob) and the bridge humbucker reduces its workload to a sweet single coil delivering a modern crunch tone and a warm clean tone.