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The Shelby Designs Pickup System

This high-output retrofit pickup assembly gives you three benefits:

 Better Sounding Pickups
Optek's proprietary Shelby Designs Alnico Pickups are amazing. The flat-matched Alnico II magnets give you a sweet, smooth responsive tone yet punch with attack when you drive them. These hotter wound pickups also yield increased sustain through the mid-range frequency thus balancing out your overall sound. Get the originality of passive pickups and the benefits of today's technology. Listen for your self - Go to the FG-621 page and click the "Pickups" tab. You'll see an A-B comparison of stock pickups next to the Shelby pickups.
Better Responsive Controls
Optek's custom pickup and control wiring. We've wired this retrofit so that at different volume levels, the tone remains the same. Yes, our volume control is actually usable throughout its entire range! We changed the capacitors and the wiring so that finally, the volume and tone knobs actually work the way they are supposed to.
A Custom Look
A hot custom look. A white pearloid pickguard with solid white pickup covers or a black pearloid pickguard with solid black pickup covers. The Shelby Designs Pickup System can really personalize the look of your Fretlight. Even though the Fretlight is full of technology, a guitar is still a personal tool that allows you to externalize your inner self. Get what you want, make it look like your personality.
You're Never Without Your Tuner
How many times have you been excited to play, grabbed your guitar and said, "Where the hell is my tuner!" All of us have said that at one time or another. With the N-Tune On-Board digital tuner we guarantee you'll never say that again. Just pull up on the volume knob (it's a push-pull pot) and start plucking strings. The N-Tune starts listening and giving you information via the clear LED readout around the volume knob. N-Tune features include a 3 year battery life, auto shut-off after 5 minutes and standard/sharp/flat tuning in all keys.