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The Shelby Designs Pickup System

Great Sounding Pickups

Optek's proprietary Shelby Designs Alnico Pickups sound amazing. The flat-matched Alnico II magnets give you a sweet, smooth responsive tone yet punch with attack when you drive them. These hotter wound pickups also yield increased sustain through the mid-range frequency thus balancing out your overall sound. You get nice balanced system over a very braod range of music from rock to country to metal. Tube amp, solid state amp, clean or dirty these pickups can do it all.


Responsive Controls and a Cool Look

Rusty Shaffer designed the Shelby system himself. He wanted to achieve the classic sounds he grew up listening to from Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and others. So he wired the volume pot so that it actually preserves the tone as you roll off the volume, unheard of for standard strats. He experiemtned with different coils and different copper windings until a perfect balance of sound was achieved. He wanted to be able to switch between the positions and not have to change volume. You can also customize your 621 with either a white or black Shelby System. You get the originality of passive pickups and the benefits of today's technology.

You're Never Without Your Tuner

Just pull up on the volume knob (it's a push-pull pot) and start plucking strings. The N-Tune starts listening and giving you information via the clear LED readout around the volume knob. N-Tune features include a 3 year battery life from a standard 9V battery under the pickguard, auto shut-off after 5 minutes and standard/sharp/flat tuning in all keys. This is a tuner that you'll never have to reach for - it's always there ready to go!