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Get Started Fast and Make Music NOW with the Fretlight FG-611!

This Limited Edition FG-611 Wireless Guitar is truly one-of-a-kind. No messing with various pickups or settings, just plug into an amp and start shredding.

The LED learning system lights up any content in the Guitar Tunes app including songs, 5,000+ chords & scales, Jam Alongs, FREE videos lessons and more! Focus on just the notes with the new SMARTFretboard™ view. Control the tempo of songs, videos and jams from up to 125% and all the way down to 35% and you can also step through the fastest of solo's note-for-note using the new NOTEStep™ feature. Plus, create and save loops to really lock on to what you are learning. This guitar connects via bluetooth (4.0 LE) to the Guitar Tunes app and other devices.

The Fretlight + Guitar Tunes Advantage

The Fretlight® Wireless Guitar and the FREE Guitar Tunes™ app combined offers the ultimate learning package for any beginner or seasoned guitar player. Guitar Tunes contains original artist recordings, a complete library of Hal Leonard Artist Videos, Fretlight Video Lessons, Quick Licks Videos and Jam Alongs for improvising. Best of all, everything in the app lights up the Fretlight Wireless Guitar! Guitar Tunes is packed with useful features, made by guitar players for guitar players.

Guitar Tunes Features Include:
• Tempo Control
• Custom Loops
• JAMBar™
• Multiple Guitar Parts
• SMARTuner™
• …and more!


What is Guitar Tunes?

Guitar Tunes™ is a completely new way to learn your favorite songs and improve your guitar playing skills. A Virtual Fretboard displays real-time fingering positions for every guitar part while you're listening to the original artist recording. No “MIDI", no “sounds like”, no “in the style of”... just the REAL song.

In addition to songs you can learn to play, you’ll find an extensive library of 50+ FREE Fretlight video lessons, Hal Leonard video lessons and Quick Lick video lessons. Every video includes professional instruction, and best of all; fingering positions for everything you see a teacher play is instantly displayed on the Virtual Fretboard. You also have tempo, NOTEStep™, and looping controls so you can learn at your own pace.