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Fretlight and Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp

The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp™ has partnered with Fretlight Guitar® to help you better prepare for your Fantasy Camp experience by learning the songs you need for camp - about 10 times faster!

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is the ultimate dream come true for any guitar player. For 3 days, you can learn from and jam along with some of your favorite rock stars like Alice in Chains, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Roger Daltrey, Ace Frehley, and more! Included in your Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp experience, you will experience the thrill of performing live on stage in front of a packed house including your friends and family! 

The Fantasy Camp experience starts with learning the songs that you will be playing with your heroes during camp. This can be daunting, not to mention a bit intimidating at times (especially because the song list can sometimes be 20+ songs)

With the Fretlight guitar and the Guitar Pro mobile app, campers can take all the worry and stress out of preparing for camp. With tablature prepared to be 100% accurate to the original recording, anyone who attends Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp can have the confidence they deserve to play along with their heroes.  


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What is Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp?

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp was born out of the desire to give the public the experience of living the life of a Rock Star, with Rock Stars, for a few days, and gaining their knowledge along the way. The idea came to David Fishof after years of producing rock tours throughout the word. He's been honored to work with veteran rockers, Roger Daltrey, Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Bill Wyman, Peter Frampton and so many more. David's desire to share this experience gave him the inspiration to create the one-of- a-kind Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. 

What's the experience like?

The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp experience begins the moment you sign up. After careful consideration of your skill level and musical preferences, you are given a list of songs to practice up on before your arrival at camp. At camp, you will be placed in a band of like-minded and equally skilled campers. Your band will be assigned a Rock Star Counselor to mentor your band for the entire duration of the camp and your band will have it’s own rehearsal studio. You will have the opportunity to learn from all the other counselors during daily master classes in particular instruments and vocals and also during our nightly themed jam rooms. You will be visited in your rehearsal room by our headlining guest stars. You will have the opportunity for autographs and photos and be privy to an exclusive Q&A in our main room. You’ll partake in meals with all the campers and counselors. As you bond with your band and counselor, you will be practicing your set list for your upcoming live performances at popular venues. You will experience the thrill of performing live on stage in front of a packed house including your friends and family! We have this program down. More than half of our campers return and many have been to multiple camps. The experience is hard to describe as each camp takes on a life of it’s own based on the campers and counselors attending. Each camp is a fantasy unique. Skills are gained, fears are conquered, friendships are formed, music is created. Check this one off your bucket list!


*Any reference to or likeness of a specific artist does not constitute or imply an endorsement.