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Fretlight 5 Wired Guitar Owners: Download your free Fretlight Studio 6 for the Beginner Software, Video Lessons, & Owner's Manual

The following items are the free software and video lessons found in the Fretlight Beginner Starter Pack. They are only for wired guitars and not wireless! Download and install the Studio 6 software first and then open the .fvp video files to install them. They will then be accessible through the Studio's Video Player interface. You can also purchase additional videos for your Fretlight 5 using the "buy" buttons. 



Free Studio 6 for the Beginner! 
(PC Software)

Free Studio 6 for the Beginner!
(Mac Software)


Free Video Lesson!


Free Video Lesson!



Free Video Lesson!


Beginner Fretlight Owner's Manual

"In the First 5" Bundle

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"In the First 5" Bundle





Fretlight 5 QuickStart Guide (PC)


Fretlight 5 QuickStart Guide (Mac)