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Step Up from Virtual to Real

Virtual Fretboard to Real Fretboard

You’ve seen the fingering positions on the Virtual Fretboard in the Guitar Tunes app. Now, see them displayed right on the neck of a real guitar!

The Fretlight Guitar has a built-in lighted learning system that makes it easy to see exactly where to put your fingers to play your favorite Guitar Tunes songs! Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® and watch the magic happen!

Jam With Your Favorite Songs Anywhere!

Connect to your smartphone or tablet and jam with Guitar Tunes anytime, anyplace! Extra bright LED's, over 100 hours of battery life and a Bluetooth® range of nearly 50 feet give you the freedom to learn and play on the go - at the beach, on the road or in the comfort of your home studio.

The Easiest Way to Learn as a Group

One of the coolest things about using the Guitar Tunes app with the Fretlight is that you can simultaneously display on up to 7 Fretlight Guitars.

Assign 3 people to play Rhythm on their Fretlight, 2 to play Lead, 1 to play “Easy Chords” and 1 to play Bass. Start the song and watch 4 different parts display on 7 different guitars!

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