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Answers to Dumb Questions

Yes, we get dumb questions. But rather than single anyone out, we thought we'd simply answer these. Don't feel bad if your question is here, we realize lives get busy and everyone is entitled to a brain freeze now and again. The bottom line is that our website has a lot of answers to easy questions if you just look at the menus at the top and the pages underneath.

  1. "I'm trying to connect to iPad and put Guitar Pro 7.5 on my iPad, how do I do it?"

    Answer: McFLY!!!!! ARGGHHHHHH!!! Have you looked at our website, First off, Guitar Pro 7.5 is ONLY for PC and Mac computers. Secondly, we have pages on the website dedicated to helping you:
    1. Go to the SOFTWARE menu on the website and the first few pages under that menu give you a good understanding of software, the devices to use and what you can do with your Fretlight.
    2. Go to the the HOW TO menu on the website and those pages under that menu are where you go to read step-by-step instructions on how to connect to mobile devices and computers, how to download free tablature and more.
  2. "I see that the Fretlight can light-up a C Dorain scale, can it also light a C# Dorain and the rest of the keys?"

    Answer: This question is amazing (and Rusty Shaffer's personal favorite). Nope - Damn! We forgot the key of C# entirely, what was Rusty thinking??..... C'mon people! OF COURSE it can light ALL the keys of over 5,000 chords and scales.
  3. "Does the guitar's pickup sound play through the computer or my mobile device?"

    Answer: This question is fairly legit. No, the Fretlight's pickup electronics are a completely seperate system from the LED system. There's a standard 1/4" jack on the guitars where you can connect an iRig or an amp.
  4. "I've tried to install Guitar Pro 7.5 on my iPad 6 times now and it's not working."

    Answer: You need to read. Guitar Pro 7.5 software is for your PC or Mac COMPUTER - Not a mobile device.
  5. "I'm trying to connect my Fretlight to one of my mobile devices and the pairing lights go out, but it's not connected?"

    Answer: Is the Bluetooth 'ON' on your other mobile devices? The Fretlight will connect to the fist one it sees. The same goes for your computer - turn off all other Bluetooth devices except for the one you're connecting to.
  6. "How do you see the lights when playing? Aren't they difficult to see?"

    Answer: We love this one. Ok, think about what you do when you use a book to learn a scale or chord pattern. You look at the book and then....wait for angle the guitar neck so you can see where you are putting your fingers. It's the exact same for the Fretlight EXCEPT, instead of having to remember that pattern in your head from the book, the pattern is lit up right under your fingers. Get it?
  7. "I'm lighting up a song on my Fretlight but it's difficult to learn because it's going too fast for my ability."

    Answer: Lucky you Rusty is really smart. He built in the ability for you to slow the song down and even loop any part! That goes for the songs on the Guitar Tunes app as well as the tab songs you open in Guitar Pro 7.5.
  8. "I've got my Fretlight now, what should I practice or learn?"

    Answer: What do you WANT to practice or learn?? Please realize whatever you would be working on without a Fretlight, you can work on with a Fretlight and achieve the resilts faster.
  9. "Isn't the Fretlight cheating?"

    Answer: This is the all-time winner of stupid questions. Yes, it makes learning faster and if that's cheating - well then we have tens of thousands of customers out there with Fretlight's cheating every day. Quick - call the guitar police! SO WHAT??? Let's ask the early pioneers, who cooked on open fire, if the Micorwave oven is cheating. Independent Scientifc Studies have been done that prove that Fretlight is a faster way to learn and memorize.
  10. "Yeah but the Fretlight isn't a real guitar, you can get a Fender Strat for the same price."

    Answer: We love this comment. Always from people that have never played a Fretlight or even held one. We'll put our Fretlight up against any Fender Strat of the same price. The Fretlight's playability blows-away Fender! Don't let the LOGO fool you. Every Fretlight has a two-way truss rod, advanced polymer fretboard, maple neck and fixed hardtail bridge. That means infinate adjustability and low-action. And if you get for the optional Katana Fret-Level, bring on PRS!
  11. "Just get a book and start memorizing, you don't need a Fretlight."

    Answer: You bet. By now you're an expert player right? No? Hmmm. How's that back and forth from a book working out? It's not? Gee, what a surprise. And of course that back and forth method is so quick and easy that there's a lot of kids today who are great players in the mold of Clapton, Knopfler, Van Halen, David Gilmour and many others right? No? Hmmmm. It's easier and quicker for them to play Madden 19? Really? We would have never guessed.....
  12. "I have a Fender American Strat and I just purchased Guitar Pro 7.5. How do I get the Fender to light-up the tablature?"

    Answer: This is a beauty. First of all, take another hit of whatever you're smoking. Really? Fender didn't tell you that there were NO LIGHTS in their guitars....the nerve!
  13. "I just recevied my Fretltight and the pickguard looks like it has scratches all over it, What gives, I thought this was a new guitar??"

    Answer: Take a breath - there's a protective film cover over the pickguard. Just peel it off to reveal a beautiful scratch-free new pickguard.
  14. "I purchased a video for my old FG-500 series Fretlight on your website. I tried to play it using my DVD software and it won't play."

    Answer: Her's the amazing thing about this question. On the page showing all the videos ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS for how to install them. How are you able to put your pants on in the morning? We just don't know.
  15. "I found an old Fretlight FG-200 guitar. Do you have spare parts and can it be converted to Bluetooth?"

    Answer: Ok, not really a dumb question but geez, let's call Microsoft and see if they can get you a copy of Windows 3.1 while you're at it. I'm sure Apple has parts for that old Apple IIe. I'm sorry but that was 25 years ago and we have long since moved into the computer age with the guitars. Also, Bluetooth wasn't even contemplated back in 1994 when the FG-200 was manfuacturerd. No, we're sorry but that Fretlight, as cool as it was, cannot be converted to Bluetooth.

    Just because you can play guitar and spent hours learning in the 70's and 80's, doesn't mean you should be jealous of a better way to learn today. YOUR CRAPPY ATTITUDE is echoed by too many of your fellow hacks and is contributing to the demise of the Guitar industry. The statistics prove it. Andy Mooney, CEO of Fender has said multiple times in print over the last two-years, "90% of the strat packs they sell, the kids quit because the traditional way of learning is too hard." Woopee, Fender is batting .100 with new players. Great job....Playing guitar is hard but Fretlight makes it easier.

    If you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the problem.