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RRFC Ultimate Prep Packages

The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp™ has partnered with Fretlight Guitar® to help you better prepare for your Fantasy Camp experience by learning the songs you need for camp - about 10 times faster! We know learning the 20+ songs for the camp can be daunting – and if you don’t get it done, well….that means you’re going to be intimidated, nervous, and scared to play guitar in front of your heroes. But fear not, with the Fretlight guitar you can take all the worry and stress out of preparing for camp. That means you’ll be relaxed, confident and ready to play (you might even impress your heroes)! So how does the Fretlight make learning songs easier and quicker? By using a Fretlight wireless guitar and the Guitar Pro App on your iPad® or iPhone®, you’ll be able to light up the tablature for the songs right on the neck of the Fretlight guitar. You can even slow it down and loop any section of the song. Each tab includes all the guitar parts including rhythm, lead, harmony guitar, fills, etc. The Fretlight makes learning the exact parts easy. No more paper charts, no more looking back and forth. Fretlight has been scientifically proven to decrease the time it takes to learn a song while increasing the overall retention when transferring that skill to another guitar. Fretlight is offering a special guitar package only available to RRFC customers. When you purchase the special RRFC Fretlight guitar package, you’ll get the Fretlight Guitar, a gig bag, and iPad stand. Most importantly, you’ll also get the tablature for the exact songs you need for camp, prepared and edited to be 100% accurate to the actual recording. A quick tutorial video will get you playing in minutes and show you exactly how to use the Fretlight wireless guitar with the Guitar Pro app. Click this link to purchase the special RRFC Fretlight Guitar Package. Now it’s easier than ever to learn and practice songs before you jam with the stars! Go to Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp with the confidence you deserve!

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