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FG-621 Wireless Electric Guitar

$ 399.99

FG-621 Wireless Electric Guitar
FG-621 Wireless Electric Guitar FG-621 Wireless Electric Guitar FG-621 Wireless Electric Guitar FG-621 Wireless Electric Guitar FG-621 Wireless Electric Guitar

$ 399.99

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The FG-621 Wireless Electric has a classic look, sleek contours, and rocks with the best of them! The robust pickup selection gives you a palette of tones to choose from while the Strat-style alder body gives this guitar a classic look. The two-way truss rod ensures that no matter what the environmental conditions, the neck remains straight and true.

The FG-621 Electric includes our patented wireless lighted learning system and allows a player to light-up songs, chords, scales and riffs right on the neck of the guitar. The Fretlight Wireless Electric connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth BLE.

Customize your Fretlight Wireless electric guitar with two awesome upgrade options:

The Player Upgrade includes the Shelby Designs Pickup System with N-Tune Onboard Tuner which features our high output Alnico II magnets for a bit of a hotter sound across the entire tone spectrum. The push-pull volume pot controls the slick N-Tune tuner. Pull up on the volume pot to mute and tune and push down to enable standard volume control. 

Mid and Neck: Waxed Sealed Alnico IIs - 5.6K
Bridge: Waxed Sealed Alnico IIs - 10.7K
N-Tune Tuner PDF Manual

White ShelbyBlack Shelby

The Pro Upgrade includes the EMG SA Set with Upgraded Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL Sleek String Trees and Slotted Nut. The EMG SA set offers up three single-coil pickups for signature "early Strat" flavor, with a special twist. That's because EMG designed the EMG SA Set's three active Alnico bar pickups to beef up your midrange response and deliver higher output, so you can get more "bell-like" harmonics and tons of sustain - while still keeping that familiar high-end. The upgrade Graph Tech Nut and String Trees are made with Black TUSQ XL is engineered with PTFE that is five times more slippery than graphite so your strings never bind while bending or tuning. Plus it has the tonal benefits of bringing out all the hidden harmonics of your Fretlight guitar.

Mid, Neck, and Bridge: Alnico V Bar Magnet - 10K (Varies as Controlled by Preamp)


Standard Pickups

Mid and Neck: Waxed Sealed Staggered Alnico V - 5.75K
Bridge: Waxed Sealed Alnico V - 10.3K

Audio Samples Clean

Position 1: Bridge pickup only.
Position 2: Bridge pickup and middle pickup together.
Position 3: Middle pickup only.
Position 4. Middle pickup and neck pickup together.
Position 5: Neck pickup only.




Includes a micro-USB charger with wall adapter, Allen wrench, and Player's Guide.

Download the Fretlight Wireless Quick Start Guides.

FG-600 Wireless Player's Guide

FG-600 Wireless Online Manual


The Fretlight Wireless guitar utilizes Bluetooth BLE technology. Your mobile device must have Bluetooth BLE, commonly referred to as Bluetooth 4.0, to connect to a Fretlight Wireless guitar. Transmission range will vary, 10-15 feet is best, up to 50 feet is common.

Fretlight apps may connect differently. Some may require you to tap a button in the app to connect, some may just connect automatically as soon as you launch the app. Read the help descriptions in the apps for further details.

Please go here to identify the iPad model you have. Go here to identify the iPhone model you have.


Go here to check out more details on all the apps that are available for the Fretlight Wireless guitar. 

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