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Planet Waves Mini Headstock Tuner

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Designed in conjunction with Ned Steinberger, the Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Tuner precisely tunes a wide variety of stringed instruments in a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use design. The highly sensitive piezo transducer and backlit display allow for smooth and highly accurate tuning in noisy, dim or well-lit environments, where other tuners fail. The compact design allows the tuner to hide effortlessly behind the headstock, concealing it from your audience and allowing it to remain mounted on the instrument inside most cases.

Powered by the latest version of the highly praised and super accurate Planet Waves Headstock tuner software, the NS Mini also offers adjustable calibration between 430 Hz and 450 Hz for use in a wide variety of playing situations.

- Low-profile compact design hides behind the headstock, concealed from the audience
- Ultra-sensitive piezo pickup provides extremely accurate chromatic tuning based on vibration - no sound or cable input required
- Innovative 360 degree swivel and adjustable ratchet mechanisms for versatile placement on both left and right handed instruments
- Easy to read color changing display performs in well-lit and dark environments
- Accurately tunes a wide rang of instruments - from 5-string bass to ukulele