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Become a Better Rhythm Player

It's funny because I invented the Fretlight specifically so I could learn my scales. I knew what I wanted (or needed) to practice and that was my goal. We get calls all the time from customers who ask, "I just received my Fretlight, what should I practice?" That such a subjective question. We usually respond by saying, "What do you want to practice?" The answer is not meant to be sarcastic, it's really the truth - what do you want to play/practice/learn?

Fretlight is just a tool, like any tool. The analogy is like saying, "I just bought a hammer, what should I build?" I don't know - what do you want to build? I tell customers that I talk to about the various areas of guitar playing that they could focus on but really, in the end, it's up to each individual. Let's take an example.

Maybe you want to be a better rhythm player.

1. You could light up various chord tones on your Fretlight using the Guitar Tunes app and its free chord and scale library. By selecting chord tones, you can learn all the inversions (positions on the neck) where you can play those chords.

Maybe you want to be a bit more dynamic with becoming a better rhythm player. Ok, no problem.

2. You could use our Guitar Tunes app and purchase (through in-app purchase) a Jam Along. A Jam Along is a progression that plays over and over. The software suggests what scales to play in order to improvise a lead or fills over the progression. However, it also shows you the chords and chord tones that change with the progression. This means you can take a simple G, C, D progression and play those chords in different positions after each pass of the progression. Remember - there are no H, I, J, etc., chords or keys - music is finite in that regard. What makes a song unique is the way the artist put together those G, C and D chords so it's very unique to their song. I remember buying sheet music decades ago only to see basic open chord diagrams on the sheet music and concluding, "that doesn't sound like the album". Now you know why.

 3. You could take a video lesson. We have a huge video library inside the Guitar Tunes app. Some of these videos are free, most are in-app purchase. The key to these videos is that whatever the teacher plays, your Fretlight lights up! These videos have a ton of instruction including exercises that you can do over and over (remember you can loop and slow down any part of the video) to perfect your playing. There are videos intended to help with rhythm, lead, artist videos and lick videos. Of course there is our structured lesson videos which are fantastic (and very popular) which take you from beginner all the way through advanced.

4. Lastly, you could use the Guitar Pro 7 tab software to find and download some free tab songs or exercises (find them on Watch the rhythm light up. Again, you can slow down any section (just click and drag your mouse over the tablature) and loop it. Guitar also has a speed trainer which is really cool. You can set the speed trainer to loop a certain number of times and get a little faster after each pass. What a great tool for learning a part.

There's just a few ways to use Fretlight to improve your rhythm playing. But really, it's all about your playing - what do you want to do?