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New Fretlight PRO Model

I'm sure some of you are wondering why we made the new FG-671 Tele Pro model Fretlight guitar. There are several reasons so let's go over them:

First, many of our customers are surprised at how well our guitars play. We've been doing this for nearly 30 years now, we know how to make guitars. That's not being arrogant, it's really just giving you an idea of how long we've been at this. The factory we use exclusively is making the best Fretlight's they've ever made in nearly 17 years of being with them. (Did I mention that they build for Washburn, Fender, Gibson, Dean, and many others?) We also inspect every guitar in China before it ships to us here in the U.S. That's right, one of us goes over to the factory to inspect every guitar. The factory appreciates our visit because we catch any small flaws or part defects that most of the time they can fix right there on the spot. Also, with the addition of the Katana Fret-Level tool, the Fretlight's we are shipping out play extremely well. Several of us play each guitar that goes out to a customer. Each one is inspected, played, and quality checked. When you receive your Fretlight we want you to open the box and say "WOW". Then we want you to play it and say, "Double WOW". Then we want you to turn on the lights and say, Triple WOW".

Secondly, because many customers are blown away by the playability of the Fretlight, they find themselves playing the Fretlight more than their regular guitar. Then, the phone calls come...."I bought the 621 Standard and I absolutely love it, but now I wish I had got the one with the Shelby System or the EMG pickups." No worries, we're guitar players. We know that you might want to retrofit some hot pickups or cool tuners on your axe so go ahead, feel free. The Fretlight LED system is independent of the pickup system. Now you can see why we made the new FG-671 PRO and why it's loaded with the best hardware.

Lastly, I've always said if it doesn't feel good in your hands you're not going to play it. The whole idea of Fretlight is to inspire you. Inspire you to learn something new.....to play more....to discover new sounds, new chords, new riffs, etc. The ONLY way you'll get inspired by the Fretlight is if it feels good in your hands and plays well. It's got to do that first so that you'll spend the time you need to go on learning and playing.

We love the new FG-671 PRO. It's an amazing guitar even without the lights. But I hope this explanation covers why you might want to buy an upgraded Fretlight. Check out all the entire Fretlight lineup, there's something for everyone.