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Hidden Gems in the Software

Have you ever discovered a feature on a product months later and you said to yourself, "That's how you do that...?!?!" Unfortunately, the Guitar Tunes app is like that. Not that we intended to hide things, it just happened that way. You see, when you build software sometimes you get carried away with such cool stuff that you tell your engineers to put a feature in and you forget to document or tell other people you put it in and no one ever finds it until some stumbles upon it and discovers it.

Case in point. The Guitar Tunes app seems pretty straight forward until you start tapping around and discovering cool features. Here's a few to check out next time you've got it open:

  1. Lefty mode. Hardly any of you are lefties but we like to think that we include lefties in everything we do. If you tap in the nut area on the on-screen virtual fretboard it'll switch to lefty. Tap again and it will switch back to righty.
  2. Extended Fingering Mode. Pull the sample song of Bad Moon Rising by CCR. Now swipe to the next fretboard (if you're on the phone) or select the Rhythm 1 fretboard at the bottom (on a tablet). See the green dot next to the name of the song right at the top of the fretboard? That green dot indicates that you have the extended fingering turned "on". Hit play and watch. See how the notes play to the rhythm of the song and in-between strums, those notes lose their blue color? This mode shows you the fingering positions you can hold with your left hand and not necessarily when to play the notes. Tap anywhere on the fretboard and that green dot will turn red, turning the mode off. Now hit play. As you can see the notes entirely disappear in-between strums. This mode is great for arpeggios.
  3. NOTEStep. To the right of the tempo control is a quarter note icon. Looks innocent enough, right? If you tap on that it opens NOTEStep. This feature allows you to step through whatever you have loaded note by note. A lead, a fill, chord patterns, etc. It really becomes useful when you connect a Bluetooth footswitch like the iRig BlueTurn dual wireless footswitch (which we sell). By using the footswitch, you don't have to take your hands off the guitar.
  4. JAMBar. Here's another cool feature. Swipe left on the fretboard on the phone to the last fretboard or select JAMBar below the fretboard on a tablet. This pops up a horizontal window above the fretboard which has a scale pre-loaded that works great over the selected song. You can change the positions of the scale and if your knowledgeable enough, you can even change the key and type of scale shown. You can always get back to the preset by taping on "show preset". By the latest member of the band and riff over your favorite songs.

So there you have it. There are gems like this in Guitar Pro 7 too! Until next time...