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Fretlight - a Very Real Guitar

Customers always ask us if the Fretlight is a real guitar. Not only is Fretlight a real guitar, there are several logical reasons why it really shouldn't be anything but a real, and frankly, great playing guitar.

Reason 1: What would be the point of putting such a great learning system on a crappy guitar?

If we put the system on a very cheap guitar, most likely it wouldn't play well and it would sound like crap. You would end up using it to learn a scale and then you'd put it down, grab you're "nicer" guitar and see if you memorized it. That's the same as going back and forth from book to your neck. There would be no purpose to using a Fretlight. Might as well stay with the books.

Reason 2: In order to memorize as quick as possible your brain, eyes and hands need to all be on the same page as quick as possible.

This is pretty important. Think about it. When we try to learn say a scale the traditional way, our eyes look at a book/video/diagram and our brain says, "Hand - play that scale from my memory of it," but the message gets stuck somewhere around our elbow because our hands can't get it completely correct the first time. What do we do? We look again, and virtually "push" the message down a little farther past our elbow to our forearm. A little better but we have to look yet again and again, etc. This looking back and forth keeps going until the message from our brain reaches, is understood and is comprehended by our (damn) hands!

Fretlight solves this problem. The message that ends up going to your hands the first time is a different message. That message says, " Hand - play that scale by putting your fingers on those lights!" That message gets through the first time. Your eyes, brain and hands are connected immediately. You naturally learn faster this and memorization is almost instantaeous.

Reason 3: The all-in-one guitar.

Sure we all own several guitars but with Fretlight being a great playing and sounding instrument, all that is needed after you feel comfortable with what you've learned is to turn the lights off. We hear all the time that customers are pleasantly surprised at the playability of our guitars. "I play it even with the lights off," say most customers. This is how it should be. Fretlight should not be relegated to just some kind of learning tool. We want you playing our guitar and realizing that you can have a great learning system in the guitar and that guitar can play very well too. Why not have your cake and eat it to?

We take great price in playing every instrument several times by different people before a guitar goes out. We love what we do and we love to play guitar. We want your out of box experience to be the best possible.